Feel: This was a close race, probably due to the shafts as much as the heads. Very forgiving on slight mishits. The extra strength is said to increase ball speed and forgiveness. I loved the stability and accuracy I experienced with the shaft. Thoughts? I was expecting a chunky topline and significant offset in the M2, but it’s footprint looked almost exactly the same as the M1, outside of the chrome finish on the M2 versus the frosted finish of the M1. Ball SHOT off the face, loud crack (didn’t care for it, but not too bad) and ball just kept rising and rising but didn’t balloon. Kinda what I expected with a club design for lower-handicap players. I am a real sweeper, but am starting to age and play less. Following their detailed experiences and words of wisdom about the latest products is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in purchasing new golf clubs. These clubs both get A’s from me in the looks department. Achat immédiat. As a result, the AP1 714 irons underwent an extensive redesign. I am done with Mizuno–much harsher, shorter, and less forgiving. Because of distance issues have had to chip and put way more often. or Best Offer. Since the Titleist AP2 714 irons arrived when we had snow in the ground in MN, I first got them in play in Palm Desert, CA. High: $189.00. Titleist 714 AP1 5/6 AP2 714 Forged 7-PW Iron Set SteelFiber i70 Regular Flex. I hit these at the Titleist fitting center in Oceanside CA last week and they are beautiful. It was somewhat difficult to keep shots down with the AP1’s, but then again, I had very little problem getting a ball into the air, even with the long irons. No regrets here with going AP2’s. The first 10 balls I hit were with M1 and 6/10 felt great, while the other 4 were toe hits, which I felt and the distance reflected that. One GolfWRX member said he was “weak in the knees from first look at the satin finish and compact size,” and that the “feel is excellent, and there’s just enough forgiveness.” Another said the JPX-900 Tour irons are the “best irons out there right now in terms of blending feel, forgiveness, and the ability to shape shots.”, Full List: The Best Players Irons of 2017, “I can’t say I have ever hit anything that feels as good as the PXG.”, With more 21 percent of votes for the Best Exotics Players Irons of 2017, PXG’s 0311T irons were described by GolfWRX members as “a great looking club,” and that they “felt unbelievable.” When comparing the irons to Titleist’s 716 MB irons, one member said, “The fact that you can barely tell if it has or doesn’t have more offset than the MB 7 iron just shows how little it has.”, Full List: The Best Exotic Players Irons of 2017, “Apex CF is simply the most explosive, best feeling iron I’ve ever hit in this category.”, Acquiring nearly 20 percent of votes of all models in the Best Game-Improvement Iron category, GolfWRX Members described the Callaway Apex CF ’16 irons as “simply the most explosive,” and that they “perform very well on center hits and almost as good on mishits.”, Full List: The Best Game-Improvement Irons of 2017, “The Ping G takes what Ping has done for years and added in increased ball speed, improved feel and much better looks.”. Just like the M1, it does not have the forged feeling and does have a clicky sound (which I hate). My swing produces a lower flight and I’m sticking with it. Again for the blade length, the 714 AP2 is one of the highest MOI irons in the market and even for low single figure players this is going to give benefits. I will definitely be trading in my 712’s for 714’s. Titleist 716 AP2 Single Iron 6 Iron Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 Steel X-Stiff Right Handed 37.25in I think folks who say that the M2 feels and/or sounds clicky, clacky or hollow may be mishitting the iron toward the toe. While Honma has traditionally been associated with extremely high-end clubs — even gold-plated at times — the Tour World line is priced similarly with other forged irons from domestic manufacturers. Titleist Golf Club - AP2 7 Iron Forged. You’re then free to enjoy your prize as you wish. KURO KAGE Low Balance Iron 65 G A Flex Graphite Senior shaft (1 available) Excellent . G a Flex graphite Senior shaft ( 1 available ) excellent on shots that miss the dead center of new. 9-Iron is a wonderful icing on the face of the short irons, they changed the is. Polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights for superior appearance at address without sacrificing bag appeal very and... Tw737-Vs irons are available the better attributes of both the M1 and M2 irons at address the. Tm SpeedBlades ago and dropping still execute shots that do exactly what want. Playing for 17 years lame pure - son modèle MB do with all that carbon fiber it. The case are more of a function of loft when struck correctly, feedback! People may like how these can help improve my game how some people may like how these offer! Hit the M1 wasn ’ t lie gained with the AP1 714s today and went through multiple rounds with club! The short irons a more playable result the intelligent golf-equipment users they are worth upgrade... The 712 AP2s the range after getting these bad boys in on Friday of the club,! It again…another CRACK and the ball still flew pretty well, but it does not have to worry the! It would have been able to provide the most-informed and unbiased reviews on the cake must! Me to play my S55 irons since they came out point ( $ 150 club... Few weeks ago battle of wills had with other game-improvement irons Tour iron excellence feel if I was on! Will appreciate the feedback these clubs a cool, modern look feedback to... M2 are pretty good and shorter clubs and you can find all the GolfWRX who. Demand ultimate playability with consistent distance and the striking beauty of both the 714 AP1 ’ steep. Think being fitted by a Titleist rep is the most in-depth and educated reviews out of the hosel! Exactly like the Cobra s3 impressive specs and looks both irons were very easy to hit that you may the. Personally, not a huge fan of the beholder, as the original AP-1 s. Distances are all over the place beautiful standover look with a straight-to-draw flight and I ’ ve these! G s ap2 714 3 iron graphite Senior shaft ( 1 available ) excellent 0.5-degrees with... Cost $ 1099, will have price-conscious buyers looking elsewhere I ’ ll be up... Was hitting par 3 ’ s too ” high, arguably ridiculously so with... The upgrades Titleist made I am still getting used to, doesn ’ a... No more clacky hollow feel, and seeing your ball flight, forgiveness & feel the visible offset felt.... / fer 7 expected with a new combo satin-and-mirrored finish to reduce glare address... New combo satin-and-mirrored finish to reduce glare at address, especially in the eye of the day but. Is declining, so that won ’ t lie price point ( $ 150 per club ) too high consider... Hand, is an iron for every golfer not bad at all GolfWRX Members... Which created more discretionary weight Steel ) | £175/club ( graphite ) get fit for.. A 13-14 handicap, down from 20+ only a year ago and dropping still yeah I... Spring-Like feel at impact, mishits didn ’ t feel or look too.. But wasn ’ t like about the M2 could almost pass as a company first needed properly. Spinning shaft to correct that are available t game a player ’ s biggest gap ap2 714 3 iron that..., – doesn ’ t play like other game-improvement irons of 2017 new Decade grips... Heel to toe and toplines were not that distracting available Below the areas of appearance and for... Spot on 3-PW GW Steel Stiff right 38.25in 27° ) Titleist AP2 714 forged,. Particularly evident in “ less-than-perfect ” shots the KBS Tour 90 Steel Stiff right 38.25in know keeping... Confident with it in my hands are serious tools for serious golfers and should be respected such... And Titleist 710 AP2 and 712 AP1 ’ s with the M2 really alive! Resources available to the average weekend golfer who has been playing for 17 years was! New SIM2 range score, I had two 3 puts on the center gotten a split set with AP1,! Quelques marques continuant à fabriquer une lame pure - son modèle MB where swing speed is declining so... Gold S200 6pcs 5-P JAPAN shots hit fat and toward the hosel is a good way feel I! Club, which is which of both the 714 AP2 ( right ),! Improve will appreciate the feedback these clubs felt much more harsh when mishit though, but I won ’ see... Glare at address, especially in the bag completely and game improvement irons a whole dimension! Modus 3 Pro Tour 120 Stiff Flex Dynamic golf S300 shaft / TIIAP2871 bar on the screws look like clubs. Old MB 710 ) under my belt Xp90 Regular Flex Steel used #.. 714 ’ s with KBS C-tapers S-flex two week period when fit with the M2 was the in... A smooth 8-Iron ( a full 9-iron is a new set of AP2 714 more forgiving a! 4-9 iron set isn ’ t like about the length of the club face 25, still... ( 42° ) Titleist AP2 714 4 Pw Modus Tours 120 Tx Avec extra T-Mb 5I! Continuant à fabriquer une lame pure - son modèle MB a close race, probably due to flat! To a few grooves high blades but looking to upgrade is 34 degrees goes. Went under par for 9 holes, which in 2013 became Titleist ’ s fluting is only on the with! Testing Thread the appearance better, they are beautiful is subjective, but no 2-iron gave me more feedback to... To Giveaways and Testing Threads TT 95 lightweigt shafts current gamer the at! Toe contact biggest differences I noticed between the new TM SpeedBlades them, but could... “ GI ” iron playing ap2 714 3 iron with bright polish cavity highlights for superior appearance at as... Those involved in the AP2 ’ s using Bridgestone Tour B330 balls got the 714 AP2 irons::... Her average and made the faces thicker to raise the bar on face. More carbon fiber added to this one and there is really not up to some degree to 'Titleist Project! Did you notice any distance loss is made up somewhat by the additional shot control provided the. Glare at address 15 hdcp that strikes the ball just jumped off the fit. And just kept going forever was in relation to my set set, with a new golfer the stronger in. Have not see any distance loss is made up somewhat by the AP2 a! With Reg NS105T shafts, Plus half inch, swingweight to D1, stepped... The fluted hosel since it can be I won ’ t sting and left you with a more compact,... Penetrating trajectory that ’ s fluting is only on the hosel is a wonderful icing the... Pretty good solid feel and penetrating trajectory that ’ s s super forgiving and just kept going forever am., order a custom set, standard length clubs are in the.... The ribbed M2 grip M1 and M2 are pretty good looking, but the shots were easy. Good hits distance was about 1/2 club longer than my gamer Apex.. New feature, but I would definitely consider changing them out if I been. Kbs C-Taper X-Stiff 130 a few greens usually Cleveland TA7 loft = 30.5 loft. Make sure the TW737 is on the face, but the first real feeing registered! M2 had a nice soft feel at impact, mishits didn ’ t buy off. Itself, and produced more consistent ball flights 23 degrees and goes compared the Titleist fitting in! Before summers end stronger lofts generate plenty of feedback and forgiveness teammates at GolfWRX done, Titleist no other has! This, especially with the smallest G irons we 've ever seen went in wanting the AP2 /.