Mr. Hon has asked her to carry on this Taoist healing tradition to help benefit others. It may be sort of an oxymoron considering qigong practice is Taoist (some think of wu wei as being laid back and relaxed), but Taoism is intense…and relaxing…and rejuvenating. We recommend a computer or a tablet, because the display of the mobile phone might be too small for you to recognize certain qigong methods. The culmination of the training intensives, Module 6 is largely based in demonstrable competency. program may participate in 12 intensive Medical Qigong training programs, which complete the M.M.Q. Through Mingjue practice, we can go beyond the control of old thinking patterns, beyond any inner conflicts and fear in the mind. Oktober 2020 von Franzi. Particpants who have successfully passed the online examination will receive an International Mingjue Gongfu teacher certificate by e-mail. Das Mingjue Gongfu Online-Programm fokussiert darauf, Schritt für Schritt einen sehr reinen, stabilen, friedlichen und harmonischen Bewusstseinszustand zu entwickeln und zu verankern. Online Medical Qigong Training. Incredible Online Intensives Reviews. Sign up and go deeper, evolve quicker! Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Please send your registration to our e-mail address: (function(){var ml="tehc%0ao4m.qdr",mi="<67216=0485;;:379",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j