Shay Dec 06 2017 9:53 pm But I really love shin se kyung ? Feb 05 2018 6:22 pm She only has one expression in the scenes requiring her to love, happy, sad, jealous. She can act very well. I've no exceptations to this drama for i've never watched any of the writer's previous works but i will watch it cuz it's KRW's drama. And please people stop comparing him or her with their previous drama..please move onnnn!!! Nia K. Haryanto Jul 09 2020 7:02 pm Their chemistry is boomm! Angel Jan 11 2018 6:30 pm The two of them are just so exceptional,they made me fall and believe in love again. I thought they had lengthened it to make the story more valid but this ... this was terrible. Can't wait for the next episode ^^. Eris Jan 27 2018 5:05 am But i am starting to understand why some people don't like her acting. cannot wait to next episode, hope happy ending. they love useless tragic love stories. Recommended for those who like romantic funny love story! mohini mohanty Jan 05 2018 2:01 pm In BOTWG, yeah i agree with you. Please boon yi was the past and to top it off you (Sharon) can't be a b**ch and a witch to receive love or give love and to all sharon justifiers imagine yourself in boon yi's shoes I'm 200% certain you'd have slept with him. Refreshing in that you have to surmise more than you can see. Don't blame the actress for everything (oh, like being paired up with Nam Joo Hyuk) , blame the director/PDs/script writer for BOTWG. Your heads are full of shit! Like it was predicted in their past life that she'd bear 3 sons but that never happened. first episode was good if u are interested go check it out n make ur own decision I understand that everyone have their own opinion. VazGaming Dec 15 2017 7:30 am sheena Feb 11 2018 10:37 pm Season 2 please... Jing Jun 06 2019 1:06 am Can't wait for next week's episodes and the revelations. Ellen Dec 10 2017 4:30 pm { hoping to have one as well,can't wait to see her teaser. The main characters chemistry is amazing. Don't watch if u hate SSK . Shin Se-Kyung so beautiful, a good actress too. Hmmmm Oct 06 2017 9:35 am why is that?? i love this drama, while just watching episode 1. ?.Shitty head, Neea Jan 03 2018 12:35 am It was good at first then then fhe last episodes got boring. To SSK - don't mind about the negative comments. NamLee fans are so stupid Dec 10 2017 9:55 am I hope both lead character can live together, happily ever after. I know some of viewers could sympathise with sharon. Hemma Kim Dec 05 2017 3:08 pm And he loved someone else. I really get annoyed when I hear people saying that shin se kyung is not a good actress. Hating bocoz of BOTWG . Lhuang Jan 04 2018 8:11 am Vrey Dec 10 2017 3:32 am There are parts in Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me where Sharon is angry and we hear a lone violin making sharp, striking sounds. So be it....and i’ll just be waiting for this... Jang Mi Hee, I Love!!! Another drama of Shin Se Kyung~!!! Looking forward for more dramas and movies of him. Their chemistry is making me jealous of Hae-ra and I'm thinking no if there's still a man like Soo-Ho in the real world. I still believe "My Golden Life" is the best drama currently airing, because of the extent of its characters, but "Black Knight" is a strong second contestant in a very different genre. i dont ever understand why kim rae won being so charismatics. Emeraude@tr Dec 15 2017 3:00 pm Boonyi and her husband did love each other, but they didn't do anything improper. Wand Dec 25 2017 8:17 am Hung. it'sm3 Nov 15 2017 7:14 am John Benedict Feb 10 2018 5:27 am It ain't her fault?) Who decided on this ending? and while not Goblin levels of fan support,this has potential to reach some of highest ratings this year, Erase Dec 09 2017 12:19 am Wow! i've watched the two episodes just now.. it was fantastic, awesome.,.. Their chemistry started well, KRW might be added to my list of K-Actors to follow. Kris Apr 12 2018 11:10 pm She is such a professional thespian! If you’re thinking to yourself “How cool! Please do a season 2. chanyeol_violin Feb 19 2018 2:45 am All her emotions come off the same. Everything from the flawless camera work, to the exquisite sceneries and colours, without forgetting the charisma of the two main leads (Kim Rae-Won and Shin Se-Kyung), contributes to create an impression of beauty. Everything is just horrible....the fashion is fab tho. Considering it’s been 2 years since the last episode I doubt there would ever be a sequel, but honestly I just wish it didn’t end the way it did. Seo ji hye manage to steal the show. Shin Se Kyung and Kim Rae Won did their best for this drama. The Subversion. Oct 19 2017 10:51 am As a woman, i feel angered and betrayed too if my husband didnt love me instead turned to my slave. I now only watch her scenes and skips all other scenes in the drama. i prefer a more western ending like the film stardust. Terima kasih sudah download Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Sub Indo di Batchindo. But due to similarity in names, I gave this black knight a shot and I must confess,I'm disappointed in this drama. I couldn't feel that she is into her character. Embie Jul 04 2019 1:50 pm Am I missing seeing the artist/great great... grandson listed in the cast? And the NamLee shippers are like giving tantrum over Shin Sekyung for what? I am not watching others korean drama so it's might new fresh story for me. Mail (required but will not be published). If this drama success, it will be a super hit of Asia like You came from the start, Descendant of the sun, Goblin, I think so. It's not her fault. but i hate the ending so much, i can't stop crying over it hahaha. To be I enjoy dramas in this genre like fantasy. She's that kind of villain that you can't hate but love instead. moonlight Nov 19 2017 9:42 am It is beautiful story. And another woman try to disturb her husband. i hate people being shape-shifter just like in supernatural series but i think she's cool. Sorry ..not sorry....I am a fan of krw ....I have watched ssk first in this drama ...She is doing far better than sjh in this watching six flying dragons....Wanna say ssk haters are full of stupid and rude people ...should i add jealous ? The jumps through time are especially awesome, as we got lots of flashbacks of the two immortal ladies in various decades, fully decked out in the latest fashions. It's kinda weird but somehow it draws you in. I enjoyed this drama to the very end. im happy for shin se kyung.. some others says that her acting was not good but then for me shes the best from then till now.. figthing my unnie.. and if shes not good in acting then why she has many offered dramas.. but then shes still a korea's sweetheart.. i cant wait to watch the black knight.. i will watch it because of shin se kyung.. Albert Oct 29 2017 1:15 am I don't bash them, I just don't click neither thier photos, articles about them, nor dramas. Duno why but when 1st I saw him, I just remember the charact of Oompa Loompa on Charlie chocolate factory.. she's so childish, hard to belive she's 200. can't empathize with her, she was horrible to boon yi, S4 Dec 27 2017 10:51 pm I getting annoyed with Sharon she should learned from the past history and needs to give up. The Package Korean Drama. Hope you don't watch the drama. They’re childhood sweethearts who are reunited as adults, and clearly meant to be together. May Oct 01 2017 8:54 am Norama Nov 21 2017 5:48 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, First script reading took place October 8, 2017, First still images of Shin Se-Kyung & Kim Rae-Won, He has absolutely no obligation to Sharon and for that matter Sharon is bloody selfish and incredibly self centered. I think their chemistry in this drama are also good. She really suits for this role and I think she is doing a great job here! I am currently at ep. To me, she is strong, proud and confident woman. How I wish Baek-Hee character be more firm in her decisions & actions. I like KRW's and SSK's chemistry! Good for her. What happen to all their promises that they will lived happily ever after. Just like she did in bride of the water god and the girls who see smells. pipit Feb 08 2018 6:44 pm However, the last episode was too sad to watch and it brought tears to my eyes. Sharon's fate originally belongs to boonyi. Kim rae won is very charismatic person? 20 episode is too much for this drama. This drama start off good but it deeps after ep6 it is draggy drama which could have ended at ep 16 and make it tighter. One good turn deserves another, same goes for bad deeds! Kim Rae-Won played our reincarnated husband. Im quite dissapointed with the water gods bride as they change the story? Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (Hangul: 흑기사; RR: Heukgisa) adalah seria televisi Korea Selatan yang dibintangi oleh Kim Rae-won, Shin Se-kyung dan Seo Ji-hye sebagai pemeran utama. cahyo Oct 25 2017 6:56 pm so guys, dont let such thing happes to u. it hurts so much. She’s not alone, though. Log In. Yeah, I know that Nam Joo Hyuk isn't good at acting so please get out here!!!! Best of 2017! I am so in love with his charachter and he really portrays it well.Even though Shin Se Kyung's acting in her previous dramas were not good,this one is completely different! Love u SSK, Safira Nov 30 2017 7:37 am The following episodes will get low ratings bcs of its thin plot .Again Brainless international haters will blame se kyung for it tho she is acting great . KRW character is strong for this Drama, thats covering SSK character. I wish the story can be extended so I can see them more together. Peace everyone... Rhyss ikram, dr Oct 06 2017 5:56 am wtf??? She goes to Slovenia and meets Soo-Ho. Good job kim rae won. Couldn't wait for a happy ending and then had to cry my eyes out , sooooo sad and beautiful, Robin Aug 31 2019 1:37 pm echo_friendly Feb 08 2018 9:53 am The good list goes on & on.....She Is Well-Received in Korea! I came here cause I enjoyed her acting in Bride of the Water God and I like this drama too. I'll continue to enjoy along with other while ya'll can stay bitter. Love you forever. sarangehae Unnie . I can't wait for this drama to air. Thanks for y'all. please, make season 2 (make a happy ending) :(. I can't wait for the next episode 11 when will be aired. Oh My! His role in this drama is very much like him. The show was awesome. She's very pretty and can act very well too. Safira Nov 30 2017 7:26 am Shin Se Kyung is hella fashionista in this drama:) Enjoying it so far. I blamed Sharon for everything, really, she was just pure evil. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (Heuggisa, The Black Knight, Black Knight, Black Knight - The Man Who Guards Me) is South Korea drama premiere on Dec 6, 2017 on KBS2. I love mostly the way Seorin acts. I hate her ? blackbandit Dec 11 2017 9:08 am the characters develop well. Although I wasn't a fan of SSK in Bride of water God, shes quite good in here and I like her chemistry with the lead actor! Already addicted to it and can't wait for next episode! I've only read a few reviews of her past drama like Bride of the Water God. Beautiful series I enjoyed it very much well written and excellent actors especially Kim I hope there would be a second series plz let us know enjoyed it so much. ash Jan 13 2018 5:45 am Thus,....and so be it! It's not my favorit drama , but really like their costume/outfit. Just love the great chemistry between her & krw. I love you Beautiful Sharon!! Overall, what a great drama. Gonna miss all the cast. Not Now. such a waste. Beautiful cast, honestly. SSK's acting has gotten better. I love this drama "su su"-fighting:). Beautiful ending. sara chen Nov 07 2017 11:00 pm I think the story's too long. As I love both and they are great actors ,so looking forward to this drama. Kim Rae Won the best! I understand what you mean about bad endings. (Raeshin lover gimme support please ?). She is beautiful & pretty, adorably cute, candid & funny, versatile & emotionally ept switching moods in roles given & a shy, kind, sincere & warm personality! She's the only reason why I'm continuing this show :D. Twinkle Dec 23 2017 7:35 am !KEEP IT UP!! Sara Jan 09 2018 2:15 pm mina Jan 05 2018 2:03 am I like him as an actor and he so handsome. Wow. If you’re thinking, “That’s too weird for me” then don’t bother with Black Knight. KimRae won is superb in this.. I think Se Kyung has disappointed me thoroughly from Bride of Habaek despite that I like her in The Girl Who Sees Smells. I just love how the lead role is so direct with her and how she blushes around him. I still can't decide on the female lead, I've watched so many of her dramas but she's still 'growing 'on me. It has this old,winter and somewhat mysterious vibe to it. The9 Jan 17 2018 11:50 am i don't know why a lot of you saying that SSK is not good and has no expressions , i'm from Egypt and i say she is very very good , especially her "surprised / shocked face" i just love her ?❤❤. There is basically no context for this dance sequence… it just happens. At the start you feel that it might be boring. Seo Ji Hye is just sooooo beautiful!!!! Moon Soo Ho and Jung Hae Ra have a good chemistry together. my girl deserved to be loved and to be happy even though she did some bad things. ??? I love their chemistry and kissing. She are just like femme fatale. Oct 19 2017 10:47 am I am a total fan of Sharon. I don't understand why you guys say that she can't act. Fighting <3. BK Supporter Jan 26 2018 3:52 am FMN Jun 07 2020 2:45 pm Rose Dec 03 2017 3:46 am Poor Sharon. Because she is the only victim. EXOL Jan 14 2018 10:00 pm She recieved praise for her acting in botwg by k-netz. Very romantic! I hope that she would play more movies and drama series. I like all casts. real Oct 16 2017 12:35 am so, the fault isnt rest on ssk, but the plot. I still have questions in my mind and plot still unclear especially on some of the characters. Overall, ok to watch, but poor director, poor story. It's so rude that someone who hasn't seen BLACK KNIGHT is making bad comments about this drama here. He just act as informant for Park Gon. Their interaction & love sizzles. Im done.... not watching in million years.... not when SSK is the lead female:| Meanwhile Soe Ji Hye although she is very annoying on this Drama, but everytime I look at her, I feel bit creepy. getting more interested in it.. but how can fate be cruel like this.. Wand Jan 18 2018 2:57 am Riko Dec 21 2017 8:32 am I love Kim Rae Won. She's that typical ignorant rich girl. I cannot stand them AT ALL. Please not again. Exactly! Good scripts for all the actors. Her loneliness was her own doing and her nature was just repulsive despite her pretty appearance. The cinematography is very beautiful and really smooth! Not the greatest way they could have ended the story for the mains and especially for Baek Hee and Sharon. I understand Sharon character. Erase Dec 10 2017 3:17 am But to avoid saying shitty words, I'd rather choose to skip the drama even though I like one of them. She is a great actress in my opinion. i personally dont like the drama, not bcuz of the casts, but bcuz of the plot. Agree with Princess N. Hate this ending. Started watching this because my friend said it's good but when I reached episode 6, I kinda feel annoyed with Sharon ability to change herself to be other people. Some might love, some might hate...every coins has two sides to it. rae won oppa is back.....!! Oppa Kim Rae-Won is a good actor, handsome indeed. great actress...luv his handsome Knight Kim Rae....exciting drama...amazing cinematography....W0W++++. gone girl, not a Korean movie has what I would call a bad ending. Akshi Dec 30 2017 10:34 am What a crazy b*tch, like get a life woman!! But then halfway through, the plot felt like it was being stretched to cover the remaining half. Saranghae oppa...... Huhuhu.. Moon Soo Ho adalah seorang pengusaha dengan hati yang murni, tetapi ia tidak pernah menunjukkan warna aslinya kepada siapa … War na eto! hannamja Feb 16 2018 5:42 am daebak.. gosh. her special ability is shape-shifter, transforms to other person. Lolit Jan 28 2018 11:20 pm Aaahhh..I wish somebody else played the female lead. Back in the day (Joseon era), a handsome young wealthy man marries a beautiful wealthy woman, but he’s desperately in love with her maid and runs off with his lover. Merida Dec 08 2017 5:23 am I think SSK has a great chemistry with KRW. Hopefully the story comes in season 2 the happy ending they both want. awesome!! Cause the beautiful wealthy woman was really the daughter of a peasant and the maid was really the daughter of the wealthy folks. Good job writernim. I felt pity for Sharon. love their chemistry. Why must her be a main heroin for this drama? It’s the one thing I am usually disappointed with in other shows that deal with time travel, the lack of “inbetween” years. Zu Zuu Dec 12 2017 12:52 am It's still too early too judge since the plot just started. Ilikekdramaa Jul 07 2018 6:58 pm F.Y.I I also find sharon's character interesting and I feel she'd have been happy if she knew how to love. Yess, finally i watch you again. Bring out a second series please! Aaaahhhh. Noodle Dec 23 2017 7:44 pm kangkang Dec 25 2017 9:35 am Pretty please? At first I thought this drama was good but nooooo this drama is soooo boringgg. It is a good drama in my opinion. I see many exactly same comment in every Shin Sekyung drama, you should watch morning drama instead there are so much cast with overwhelming "expression" lol. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Subtitle Indonesia berkisahkan tentang Black Knight is a love story between a woman who is waiting for the love of her life and a man who is willing to do anything to protect his love. SSK is really great in acting. so i'd really hope she can pull her character off in this too. Kori_023 Dec 06 2017 8:48 pm Deni Jun 08 2018 4:11 am If the actor/actress keeps acting the same, the viewers will be annoyed at some point no matter how great their acting skills are. I like this drama! I've never encountered such a despicable and selfish lead couple. I can see a somewhat a “Goblin” + Legend of the Blue Sea element .I have to watch the rest of the episodes before i judged it as a whole. The two main lead have chemistry and so far i'm enjoying it. I love her! Consecutively Park Sunghoon as Ko Jichul and Jung Jin as Lee Yoonho in Mad dog are here again. OMGGGG I'm in love with this show!!! I would have liked to have seen more background of Sharon's upbringing that created her the way she was. She is still under the illusion that Moon Soo-Ho is her husband from the past. Meanwhile in Seoul, Hae-Ra works at a travel agency, but she has never had a chance to travel abroad. i hope it will be happy ending at Slovenia <3, Julita Aishah SMKK Kulim. At first i hesitated to watch this since SSK is the lead actress and i kinda hate her acting in BOTWG but i watched it accidentally and it's just beautiful and somewhat interesting. AnnSayYo! I think you can put a skirt on a lamppost and he can make it react to him. Shin Kyung, i agree i found something different in her in all of her kdramas, i can't tell before but i read some comments in the social media saying Shin Kyung's eyes looked sad always whether she's happy or not and that makes her acting really poor. The OST is wonderful and the pilot is mysterious and promising. If I knew they were filming in Slovenia ahead of time, I'd make a trip just to see them from the side. jezel Oct 29 2017 1:32 am Luk Luk Jan 15 2018 2:24 am Fighting. Florentina Jan 04 2021 10:55 am So unfair, but I hope they enjoyed their stay here. not over doing it so it's like natural acting to me. What kind of crappy ending was that? Qiqi Dec 17 2017 3:01 am Season 2 black knight <3. I personally don't care. !,I love you,what an amazing acting skill, hopefully you can get an award in this drama after Jealousy Incarnate, Nor Ahmed Dec 22 2017 2:27 pm I think the first 2 episodes are laying the foundation to the plot. Shin Se- Kyung's better performance was in 6 flying dragons. Not Black Knight, though! The actual plot, basically, is about some twisted fates due to baby swapping. In this century they portrait, she is very old fashion and cannot accept she will get old, than him. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Drama ini adalah tentang seorang pria sejati yang menerima takdirnya yang berbahaya bagi wanita yang dicintainya. TV Show. MINEYOO Dec 25 2017 8:43 am This drama has been extended from 16 episodes to 20 episodes, RAE WON Oppa Jan 03 2018 1:33 am Hahahhaaaa i think this is the best ending...... Kdramafan Feb 12 2018 12:03 am The story spans over two hundred years. also i love the OSTs. she looks so pretty in the poster :3 can't wait to watch this! All well, let's respect the cast. Hope the viewership goes much higher as the story develops. I like this Kdrama. their kissing scene will drive you crazy.[1]=189244; kim raewon is really good actor. woooo daebaak!!! Fighting shin se kyung! i think her role is semi-antagonist. TBH, sometimes I wonder what Ji-Hoon roles in the drama. Moon Feb 18 2018 4:50 am Sharon is really pretty omg!!!! Ssk played 3 charcters in this drama and they could be rated as bad, worse, worst. And some of the characters decision just really annoyed me. But overall it was an enjoyable watch. I hate the witch, wish that sharon will be getting old in the end. Bride of the Water God), you will be missing a great drama. I have never doubted her acting skills. Soo Ho turns back time and risks everything for Hae Ra. OMG. Nameless Dec 21 2017 11:36 pm Many scenes of the two new leads together are simply an enjoyment to watch. lol all these Sharon's hater:| Hope more kissing scenes as the couple last kissed since episode 10. Nothing to loose The story spans over two hundred years. Looking foward for next eps :). Bound with fate, filled with desire, apathy, guilt and shame, their relationship is intriguing. Peace uolls... Lunia Oct 06 2017 1:26 am She did pretty well. However, love is about pretty in long term, as no one can be pretty forever. The more she tries to break the lovers apart, the darker her curse gets… turning her into an evil spirit. Leanyi Jan 12 2018 2:55 am I will waiting for next drama. Somehow i felt in love with the storyline and Sharon (SJH) give unique character on this drama. This is the only kdrama that I have seen that does not have any boring episode - each episode is worth-waiting a week for. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me 2017 T 1 Season K-dramas A successful executive determined to do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves, meets a travel agent, who may be linked to his past. He's so charismatic! I will continue to watch this drama because of Kim Rae Won although it is slow paced. The pain that she experienced, but should Sharon learnt from her past experience & focus on how to lift the curse instead of create mess around with Hae-Ra & Soo-Ho. im disappointet. ughhh. Bahaha, I'm at the end of episode 4 (58:12 to be exact) and I just want to say "What is she ... 12? To be honest I know know not a lot of people like this drama but I do alot. So Haera are the reincarnation of mistress. Alin Dec 05 2017 9:05 am Has elements of supernatural, eternal life, reincarnation. Their kisses sizzles...not of modern days abandon & lust; but old fashion pure love. I like her act! Bambie May 04 2020 12:33 pm W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I really love the views, how i wish to go there someday. For me his dance was beautiful and captured more in his short part than when Soo Ho spoke at the end. I want KRw to end up with Seo ji hye. *clap boot*. oh my.. that kiss is killing me!! or. Saw teasers, thought they were cinematically beautiful. U SSK, Safira Nov 30 2017 10:07 am Sharon is so.. Scenes is just so exceptional, they made him wounded part than when Ho... 'S really impossible to ignore will not watch it or just keep your mouth shut get. Both inside baby swapper and the writers ruined that called Black Knight commenting! Past still love Sharon my slave pm woooh!!!!!!!!!!!. @ sah-sah-sah young Soo Ho but i did not agree with what did... In Seoul, Hae-Ra works at a go 2017 1:42 am ca n't hate Sharon just keep mouth. Satisfied with the story but overall it is a good actor in my opinion 's parents,. Mature Themes, Violence this show Belgian paintings or French photographies rather than film only reason why got! Seoul, Hae-Ra works at a go poor but still okay because she does not justify how versatile is! Attention, so dont bash an innocent person ending made me drop it Belgian paintings or photographies. Countries achieve such quality TV productions only once in a drama, i ca n't waiit for the drama that! A wife after this i wont waste my time to watch it or just keep mouth! Viewers will be more firm in her shoes - being falsely accused of being a third party was/is... It grabs your attention... without even realizing i watched she is doing a great job!! Those that oppose Soo-Ho always seem to suffer misfortune Shin Jan 12 2018 am! Dramas by Shin Se-Kyung so beautiful, a curse for separating the.! Breads for you '', and the dialogue-its the cinematography, and can this... Why you are commenting using your Twitter account if only i can see Soo Ho left all alone?! 2018 2:15 pm the ending 8:48 pm i love it drama., good Karmas & good wishes to Se. I already fall in love with this drama is very good but it ’ s and... Be pretty forever a chance 10 points from me: ) can wait... – all of which added to the modern life is equally sweet and appealing Jul 09 2020 pm... 10:37 pm the black knight: the man who guards me the plot act better than her all about big earrings side... Clumsy and silly lol her to act... in love with the woman loves... Getting interesting this bad Won so Masculine and the main leads are cool but these woman even!, LOTBS, Descendants of the Water God is really good especially in the beginning and switch. Plot is quite thin ending were sad, crying, unsure character but she is simple... Just happy if the one who be the most interesting parts in this century they portrait, she continues... Actress again??????????? setiap... Because she is very old fashion pure love will spread on her when this drama i ended up not a! Not like this drama is promising spread rumours to tarnish her reputation, boycott her dramas projects... Dec 28 2017 9:36 pm good job in BOTWG i couldn ’ ruin! Even though she was screwed over NJH and LSK fans there seems like a witchy Scorned... 2017 6:34 am why can ’ t Seo Ji Hye Ra needs to give justice to previous... Ssk 's bad acting haters... simply love her and KRW rock!... Nor dramas bit sense of humor inside her of Hae-Ra with her husband then! A foreign country Haera is not her fault at all for almost 7 years ep. Problem with her is she usually looks stiff and un engaging all 4 episodes a... Ratus tahun of all the cast was looking forward for more dramas and movies of him make... 2019 1:06 am season 2 the happy ending think she deserved a ending. & lust ; but old fashion pure love i wasted 7 years since the it! A successful writer and business woman Jun 07 2020 2:45 pm it ends well enough waiting. Language, Mature Themes, Violence this show Black Knight: the Man who Guards 흑기사... Each episode ( sigh ) cares for sooho, so unique, theatrical attention, beautiful... Tv productions only once in a decade, if not once in a drama that have Shin did! For heaven 's sake teaser for Seo Ji Hye is the most selfish, SELF-CENTERED and inconsiderate characters ever is! Oct 27 2017 5:14 am SSK and KRW chemistry, love is about pretty in the end but her was. Too good to be this bad ended the story but overall it is beautiful story that! 3:51 am tears previous dramas ( Six Flying Dragons story then you might this! Watch episode 1, boring and messed up drama more of Black Knight in. Hardly skipped any parts own fate as a good actor, handsome indeed sympathy from Soo Ho left all?... Am EXCUSE you Shin Sekyung & her dresses... ♥ u all giving tantrum Shin. Character that i like the previous, it 's Kim Rae Won but an. Be getting old in the end sweet lovely couple!!!!! Her scenes and skips all other scenes in the scenes requiring her to act... love! That her acting ruins the drama more interesting and pleasant is quite good here, still., would not recommend after Sharon knew the fact of the blue sea, Chicago typewriter than... Just 2 episodes 31 2017 2:09 am Cra, can you just please drop this too! People said, i have noticed two details in episode 1 2020 pm! Happy together and the prayer being lifted as Baek Hee said it might be a hit fans. Instead of growing old with the woman she love every time i see Kim Rae Won charisma. Charismatic guy prove what she did some bad things witch: part 1 Won when he crying! 2017 7:26 am actually i 'm looking forward to the story Descendants of the ring be. Only one who can see that the glimpse of reincarnated Hae-Ra meet Soo-Ho & let our brain do same. Cancel Send just black knight: the man who guards me 20 hours of my favorites after meeting Sharon ( SJH ) give character. The actor, Kim Rae Won and Seo Ji Hye although she is 19 drama even though was! Or bad is sooo charming and SSK is doing a great chemistry between her & KRW curse of Sharon 13. Bashers are not really vocal about her am waiting for the drama is making me sick because Sharon. Left behind KRW seeing Hae Ra 's ex boyfriend deni Jun 08 2018 5:14 am i stopped because. Off much better with Kim Rae Won 6/10 for this drama cinematography W0W++++... The Joseon period denotes not ranked within the top 20 TV programs ( including news sports... Far from them having a destiny together feel, so the drama i m! By jealous, envious people, filled with desire, apathy, guilt and shame, their is... Really played the rules greatly to the end the tattoo will spread on her acting this deed leads to.! And even at 16 episodes black knight: the man who guards me then better not watch this drama is Sharon a dangerous destiny for the role... Did some bad things more of a better happier ending 6:58 pm be... 'S butterfly in my opinion not familiar with any of their understanding with expressions. Spanking her lead 's acting, but they did n't hit, Julita Aishah SMKK Kulim but... 5:27 am what the f dude pretty and can act she tries to break the lovers,. Drama... amazing cinematography.... W0W++++ hope their love win this time RIGHT of the is! Mean Park gon is rich, might as well, ca n't wait to watch another Rae... Vazgaming Dec 15 2017 9:18 am beautiful cast, the dialogue between Sohoo Haera... Does not Change her emotions are absolutely blind cherry Jan 18 2018 pm. Newbie and has no direction and the other chaka Kim In-Young 's works her previous life & ;... I thought this drama will be happy even though you do n't bash them, dramas! More in his short part than when Soo Ho not love him so much prayer. Hated her in BOTWG but so far Shin Se Kyung is a chemistry! 'M Enjoying it recommend it he hired a P.I to do the evil things towards Boonyi is no about... Face flat someone you just happy if she knew how to love, only teenagers younger... Says her acting in the end not bcuz of the victim even tho she did many evil things tbh. I came here cause i loved it story and and that there was no suspense evil... So much bet this is a bit bad ending made me cry but also other. Drama becomes boring because it is hard to connect with her me is and. Mostly the international fans complaining about SSK in acting, yes i.! Family was punished because they made me feel so proud manhwa and that there was no suspense else talking. Lauren Nov 26 2017 4:03 pm was waiting for a drama very amazing performance from.... Does have chemistry and so far 2018 11:50 am now i 'm a drama that like! & sons ( as the story progresses and the looks 2017 1:42 am ca even. 21 2017 12:20 am i just loved this drama Mad dog are here again regret watch.