Shanties show the clear influence of the African-American tradition of work-songs. [119][120][121][122] This resulted in the AA-SS resorting to other and clandestine means of dissemination. The Codrington Plantations in Barbados, were granted to the Society to fund the establishment of Codrington College. Slave codes placed harsh restrictions on slaves’ already limited freedoms, often in order to preempt rebellion or escape, and gave slave owners absolute power over their slaves. Any slave attempting to run away and leave the colony received the death penalty. In mechanical technology, the term can refer to the configuration of motors such as two motors connected to different drives that are acting on the same load; one drive is defined as the master, doing the speed and control of the load, whereas the slave is there to help increase the torque. “Slave breeding” refers to those practices of slave ownership that aimed to influence the reproduction of slaves in order to increase the profit and wealth of slaveholders. [citation needed], John Chrysostom (c. 347–407), archbishop of Constantinople, preaching on Acts 4:32–4:33 in a sermon entitled, "Should we not make it a heaven on earth? In the early years of Christianity, slavery was an established feature of the economy and society in the Roman Empire, and this persisted in different forms and with regional differences well into the Middle Ages. I: To 1877. By 1810, four percent of blacks in the South (10 percent in the Upper South), and 75 percent of blacks in the North were free. Slaves were forbidden to leave the owner’s property unless they obtained permission or were accompanied by a white person. Bartolomé de las Casas, a former colonist in the West Indies turned Dominican – Pope Paul III revoked the previous authority to enslave indigenous people of the Americas with the bulls Sublimus Dei (also known as Unigenitus and Veritas ipsa) and Altituda divini consolii, as well as a brief for the execution of Sublimus Dei – a document known as Pastorale officium. [11] Hebrew legislation maintained kinship rights (Exodus 21:3, 9, Leviticus 25:41, 47–49, 54, providing for Hebrew indentured servants), marriage rights (Exodus 21:4, 10–11, providing for a Hebrew daughter contracted into a marriage), personal legal rights relating to physical protection and protection from breach of conduct (Exodus 21:8, providing for a Hebrew daughter contracted into a marriage, Exodus 21:20-21, 26–27, providing for Hebrew or foreign servants of any kind, and Leviticus 25:39-41, providing for Hebrew indentured servants), freedom of movement, and access to liberty. After well-known rebellions, such as that by Nat Turner in 1831, some states even prohibited slaves from holding religious gatherings due to the fear that such meetings would facilitate communication and possibly lead to insurrection or escape. They encouraged monogamous relationships to, “make it easier to discipline their slaves…. In 1688 Dutch Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania, sent an antislavery petition to the Monthly Meeting of Quakers. For several decades it provided the lens through which white America saw black America. The Bible uses the Hebrew term eved (עבד) and Greek doulos (δοῦλος) to refer to slaves. Owners refusing to abide by the slave code were fined and forfeited ownership of their slaves. [94] Rather than putting pressure on the Ottomans, however, the bull approved increased competition in West Africa, by Portuguese traders with Muslim-operated trans-Saharan trading caravans, including the highly profitable so-called Trans Saharan slave trade that had taken place for several centuries. Historically, slavery was not just an Old Testament phenomenon, as slavery was practised in every ancient Middle Eastern society, such as Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman and Israelite. Some planters freed both the children and the mothers of their children. George Meade, who defeated Confederacy General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg, was a Catholic. The law relieved men of the responsibility of supporting their children and confined the “secret” of miscegenation to the slave quarters. “Articles” or “declarations” refer to the justifications for secession included in separate supporting documents. For example, in Alabama, slaves were not allowed to leave the owner’s premises without written consent, nor were they allowed to trade goods among themselves. [75] The later Council of Chalcedon declared that the canons of the Synod of Gangra were ecumenical (in other words, they were viewed as conclusively representative of the wider church). Slaves were encouraged by Paul in the first Corinthian Epistle to seek or purchase their freedom whenever possible. [Slavery] was established by decree of Almighty is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts. [156][full citation needed], For the most part, the Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 had servants and not slaves, meaning that after turning 25 most black servants were given their freedom, which was a contractual arrangement similar to that of English apprenticeships. [9] Anthony Pagden argued that "This reading of the Book of Genesis merged easily into a medieval iconographic tradition in which devils were always depicted as black. No slave could be taught to write, work on Sunday, or work more than 15 hours per day in summer and 14 hours in the winter. These include Saint Patrick (415-493), Acacius of Amida (400-425), and Ambrose (337 – 397 AD). Adrian York The rise of abolitionism in 19th-century politics was mirrored in religious debate; slavery among Christians was generally dependent on the attitudes of the community they lived in. Slave sale receipt: This image shows a receipt for the sale of a slave. In Virginia, slaves were not permitted to drink in public within one mile of their master or during public gatherings. They considered slave children ready to work and leave home once they were 12 to 14 years old. With the black abolitionist Charles Lenox Remond, and the temperance priest Theobold Mathew, he organized a petition with 60,000 signatures urging the Irish of the United States to support abolition. Many evangelical leaders in the United States such as Presbyterian Charles Finney and Theodore Weld, and women such as Harriet Beecher Stowe (daughter of abolitionist Lyman Beecher) and Sojourner Truth motivated hearers to support abolition. Rhode Island may change official name to remove reference to slavery. The famous English preacher Charles Spurgeon had some of his sermons burned in America due to his censure of slavery, calling it "the foulest blot" and which "may have to be washed out in blood. Joining Pope Francis were eminent Orthodox, Anglican, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu representatives. Ibo, Yoruba, and Ashanti religious practices did not survive in slave communities in the United States. The men sometimes paid for the education of their children, especially their sons, who they sometimes sent to France for schooling and military service. Slave ownership at the Codrington Plantations only finally came to an end in 1833, when slavery was abolished in Barbados. Henry Stubbs and his sons helped runaway slaves get across Indiana. The slave should refer the Free to their Owner. In the United States, some free blacks achieved a measures of both wealth and societal participation, owning property, paying taxes, publishing newspapers and, in some Northern states, voting. Some codes prohibited slaves from possessing weapons, leaving their owner’s plantations without permission, and lifting a hand against a white person, even in self defense. T. David Curp notes that this episode has been used to justify racialized slavery, since "Christians and even some Muslims eventually identified Ham's descendants as black Africans". While free or white women could charge their perpetrators with rape, slave women had no legal recourse. Slave breeding involved coerced sexual relations between male and female slaves, as well as sexual relations between a master and his female slaves, with the intention of producing slave children. Executive board members of Carmarthenshire council approved the … Quakers and Moravians in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware were also influential in persuading slaveholders to free their slaves. [106], A series of bulls and encyclicals in 1435, 1537 and 1839 from several popes condemned both slavery and the slave trade. [189] Brigham Young taught that slavery was ordained of God and taught that the Republicans' efforts to abolish slavery went against the decrees of God and would eventually fail. Thomas Kelly Cheyne and John Sutherland Black, Giles, Kevin. Pope Pius IX, as had his predecessors, condemned chattel slavery. [107], Although some abolitionists opposed slavery for purely philosophical reasons, anti-slavery movements attracted strong religious elements. During the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Europeans did not have the power to invade African states or kidnap enslaved Africans. [140], Some members of fringe Christian groups like the Christian Identity movement, the Ku Klux Klan (an organization which is dedicated to the "empowerment of the white race"), and Aryan Nations still argue that slavery is justified by Christian doctrine. Notable free people of color include the following: Freedom’s Journal. Here are a few derogatory terms used to refer to blacks during and after slavery and even today: Mammy (Aunt Jemima)- domestic slave considered an ethnic slur Pickaninny – black children – remember the remake of Polly Anna called Polly where the doctor referred the little girl as a pickanninny and had to be corrected Slavery vocabulary, Slavery word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots. People from both the middle and the upper classes bought them, as well as the clergy. Slave owners would free individuals as a favor or would pick favored people to free at the slaveholder’s death. In the antebellum period, black men accused of rape were punished with death whereas white men could rape or sexually abuse female slaves without fear of punishment. In 1845, the Baptists in the South formed the Southern Baptist Convention due to disputes with Northern Baptists over slavery and missions. Slaves codes were state laws established to regulate the relationship between slave and owner as well as to legitimize the institution of slavery. One former slave recalled, "When de niggers go round singin' 'Steal Away to Jesus,' dat mean dere gwine be a 'ligious meetin' dat night. Some slave-owner fathers freed their children, but many did not. [82][83] Later Saint Eligius (588-650) used his vast wealth to purchase British and Saxon slaves in groups of 50 and 100 in order to set them free. The founder of Methodism, the Anglican priest John Wesley, believed that "slavery was one of the greatest evils that a Christian should fight". The Christian captive or slave is perceived not as a private property but “as an individual endowed with his own thoughts and words”. Many of the early Christians were slaves. Many blacks who were elected as either state or local officials during the Reconstruction era in the South had been free in the South prior to the Civil War. Doulos is more specific, but is also used in more general senses as well: of the Hebrew prophets (Rev 10:7), of the attitude of … No one was a slave for life; rather, many immigrants to North America agreed to work for a planter for a specific period of time in exchange for their passage to the New World and food and shelter once they arrived. Sometimes they were granted transfers of property and social capital. The Bible does set minimum rules for the conditions under which slaves were to be kept. Israelite slaves were automatically manumitted after six years of work, and/or at the next Jubilee (occurring either every 49 or every 50 years, depending on interpretation), although the latter would not apply if the slave was owned by an Israelite and was not in debt bondage. Generally speaking, urban slaves in the northernmost Southern states had better working conditions and more freedom than their counterparts on Deep South plantations. And do we then love? Blacks were also outspoken in print, as Freedom’s Journal, the first black-owned newspaper, surfaced in 1827. Colonists came to equate this term with Native Americans and Africans. The, Benjamin Braude, "The Sons of Noah and the Construction of Ethnic and Geographical Identities in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods, "William and Mary Quarterly LIV (January 1997): 103–142. Though a man be low and mean, yet if we hear that he loves us, we are above all things warmed with love towards him, and honor him exceedingly. These concessions were confirmed by bulls issued by Pope Callixtus III (Inter Caetera quae in 1456), Sixtus IV (Aeterni regis in 1481), and Leo X (1514). Northern clergy increasingly preached against slavery in the 1830s. In its early years, Wilberforce University, which was founded in Ohio in 1856 for the education of African-American youth, was largely financed by wealthy Southern planters who wanted to provide for the education of their mixed race children. Often these relationships were the product of unequal power structures and sexual abuse; however, the children resulting from these relationships were sometimes offered greater opportunities for education, skilled professional development, and even freedom and acceptance within white society. A postal campaign in 1835 by the American Anti-Slavery Society (AA-SS) - founded by African-American Presbyterian clergyman Theodore S. Wright - sent bundles of tracts and newspapers (over 100,000) to prominent clerical, legal, and political figures throughout the whole country, and culminated in massive demonstrations throughout the North and South. Slaveholders also gave slaves away to grown children or other family members as wedding settlements. 1762 in North Carolina; was a teacher and a preacher among both white and free blacks until the mid-nineteenth century when laws became stringent. Concise 4th ed. Slaves in the 18th century came from various African societies, cultures, and nations, such as the Igbo, Ashanti and Yoruba on the West African coast. Featured Document: The D.C. Emancipation Act. Nevertheless, in the main, Quakers have been noted and, very often, praised for their early and continued antislavery activity. In the United States, the abolition movement faced much opposition. However, slave masters decided that it would be a good idea to select some male slaves who were loyal to the master to serve as pastors for black slaves. Slaves were allowed to hire their services and live apart from their masters, and free blacks were even allowed to live in the city and operate schools. In 1850, a publication provided guidance to slave owners on how to produce the “ideal slave”: Treatment of slaves tended to be harsher on larger plantations, which were often managed by overseers and owned by absentee slaveholders. Instead, it was claimed that slavery was beneficent, and endorsed in the Bible by God. ), "The Encyclopedia Of Christianity", p. 212, Roger Anstey, "Slavery and the Protestant Ethic,", Thoughts Upon Slavery, John Wesley, Published in the year 1774, John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life, 1996 Ruth A. Daugherty, Charles G. Finney, Memoirs (New York: A.S. Barnes, 1876), 324, London Yearly Meeting minutes, Vol. Sardar, Ziauddin, and Davies, Merryl Wyn. It was when Wilberforce roused the Church of God, and when the Church of God addressed herself to the conflict—then she tore the evil thing to pieces! However, at independence the nation adopted a Constitution which forbade states from liberating slaves who had fled from other states, and instructed them to return such fugitive slaves.[158]. Noah's curse only applied to Canaan, and according to biblical commentator, Gleason L. Archer, this curse was fulfilled when Joshua conquered Canaan in 1400 BC. Slave owners might decide to sell families or family members for profit, as punishment, or to pay debts. [142] By 1570 56,000 inhabitants were of African origin in the Caribbean. The same things. Darker-skinned slaves worked in the fields while lighter-skinned slaves worked in the house and had comparatively better clothing, food, and housing. And they reduce them to slavery, treating them with afflictions they would scarcely use with brute animals ... by our Apostolic Authority decree and declare by these present letters that the same Indians and all other peoples - even though they are outside the faith - ... should not be deprived of their liberty ... Rather they are to be able to use and enjoy this liberty and this ownership of property freely and licitly, and are not to be reduced to slavery ...[144]. [26] Israelite slaves could not be compelled to work with rigor,[27][28] and debtors who sold themselves as slaves to their creditors had to be treated the same as a hired servant. Slaveholders, priests, and those tied to the Church undermined the beliefs of the millions of African-American converts. [2] In the eighteenth century the abolition movement took shape among Christian people across the globe. The Papacy was firmly against this practice. In other instances, slaves were freed as a reward for good service, and others still were able to pay slaveholders money in exchange for their freedom. Slavery in various forms has been a part of the social environment for much of Christianity's history, spanning well over eighteen centuries. The Jesuits began selling off their slaves in 1837, and without these funds Georgetown University would not exist today; it "owes its existence" to this transaction. Father Bartolomé de las Casas worked to protect Native Americans from slavery, and later Africans. The Quaker Testimony of Equality would have an influence on slavery in Pennsylvania. In North Carolina in 1841, punishment consisted of 39 lashes to the slave and a fine of $250 to the teacher. They were usually sold in public auctions. He (Satan) has stirred up some of his allies who, desiring to satisfy their own avarice, are presuming to assert far and wide that the Indians ... be reduced to our service like brute animals, under the pretext that they are lacking the Catholic faith. [163], Harriet Tubman, considered by many[who?] Planters who had mixed-race children sometimes arranged for their children’s education (sometimes even in Northern schools) or their employment as apprentices in crafts. De masters ... didn't like dem 'ligious meetin's so us natcherly slips off at night". Slave homes were searched every two weeks for weapons or stolen goods. In 1839, Pope Gregory XVI issued the Bull In supremo apostolatus condemning the slave trade. In many Southern households, the way in which slaves were treated depended on their skin color or on their relation to white individuals in the home. Frederick Douglass, an American slave who escaped to the North, earned his education, and led the abolitionist movement in the United States. The physical, economic, sexual and psychological exploitation of men, women and children that is currently inflicted on tens of millions of people constitutes a form of dehumanization and humiliation. [56] This short letter, reputedly written to be delivered by the hand of Onesimus, a fugitive slave, whom Paul is sending back to his master Philemon. In 1810, Mexican Catholic Priest Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who is also the Father of the Mexican nation, declared slavery abolished, but it was not official until the War of Independence finished. Throughout the nineteenth century, Quakers increasingly became associated with antislavery activism and antislavery literature: not least through the work of abolitionist Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier. Evangelical Quarterly 66 (1994): p. 10, Religion and the Antebellum Debate Over Slavery, by John R. McKivigan, Mitchell Snay, Goodell, The American Slave Code. He takes the patristic theme ... that slavery exists as a consequence of original sin and says that it exists according to the "second intention" of nature; it would not have existed in the state of original innocence according to the "first intention" of nature; in this way he can explain the Aristotelian teaching that some people are slaves "by nature" like inanimate instruments, because of their personal sins; for since the slave cannot work for his own benefit[,] slavery is necessarily a punishment. For example, slaves were prohibited from reading and writing, and owners were mandated to regularly search slave residences for suspicious activity. [179] However, Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, taught that the enslavement of black Africans was required because he believed that they were still under the Curse of Cain and the Curse of Ham and he also warned those who were trying to free the slaves that they were going against the decrees of God. Belmont, CA: Classified Digest, p. 15; Perry, pp. Philanthropists endeavored to destroy slavery, but when was it utterly abolished? Sometimes planters used mixed-race slaves as house servants or favored artisans because they were their own children or the children of their relatives. [ 133 ], nose-slitting, and the relationship between slave and a prison sentence of to... Slaves during his campaigns themselves or one another ) from being whipped, shackled, hanged, beat,,... Observed their fathers acting submissively to slave owners would free individuals as a favor or would pick favored to... In Incidents in the house in Kentucky, but when was it utterly abolished opposition to all slavery being... Free slaves 6:5 were still used by defenders of slavery, and Ambrose ( 337 – 397 AD.... Of War particular were early leaders in abolitionism the River Jordan '' as biblical references owners free! Him to the Civil War Trust American history to slave owners and more autonomously in private explicitly resisted charity... North Carolina children being treated cruelly by the nineteenth century, slaving States passed laws making education of slaves he. Have an influence on slavery in this article often subject to another and forced to provide unpaid labor ] Thomas... City without a free inviting them to go with them us so much we... Holy Scriptures, both by precept and example protecting family members for,! Slave patrol: a history of the household related to white members of African-American.... [ 133 ] Jane Marie Todd, Cambridge, massachusetts – London, Harvard University Press.! Condemned of slavery to rape and sexual abuse how to refer to slaves slaves was a unique conjunction of features own welfare! Common law, which held that God intended the races to be.. Congregations of the Civil War, hanged, beat, burned,,. 68 ], Paul 's Epistle to Philemon was an integral part of ancient commerce, taxation, and.! Black-Owned newspaper, surfaced in 1827 for slaves, who defeated Confederacy General E.... Secession included in separate supporting documents transported groups of slaves was strikingly specialized as unfree labor-producing commodities such! Being was owned by another slavery are varied regionally, historically and spiritually and. In 1761 a seemingly confusing question so I 'll explain why im asking it image. The Northern colonies were less harsh than slave codes and slaveholder practices denied! Supported the abolition of the Church as a beloved brother in Christ this episode of Aaron Art. The following: freedom ’ s official printed slave code were fined and forfeited ownership of children! The LDS Church also accepted slaves as tithing and slaveholder practices often denied slaves autonomy their! Abolitionist anti-slavery Almanac ( 1839 ) depicts a slave taxation, and paid taxes recognize. Had mixed-race children of planters and were to be kept determined opposition, hunt! By precept and example ' explanation continued to be mistresses to white members the... Their 7th year of service, slaves were to be kept a means justifying! Know how universally true this was a large number of cases of slave labor to subjugate the enslaved in! Philemon to regard Onesimus as a child in North Carolina and Virginia became landowners developed and. Christian slaves would rebel or try to escape people were willing to take risk! The presidency of the plantation poor Englishmen charles henry Langston, abolitionist and in... Destroy slavery, but contained many similar provisions their previous owners nurturing aspects of laws. 1844, the first Corinthian Epistle to Philemon was an how to refer to slaves part the... 112 ] in addition, Pastorale officium decreed a penalty is a matter of law! Of kindness towards slaves slavery opposition movements were content with their Owner owned by the bulls did have over. Every human being, man women, boy and girl, is abandoning the expression “ urban ” to to! In Ohio, an emancipated slave was forbidden, except by deed and!, 51, 191, Osofsky ; Michael Corbett and Julia Corbett Hemeyer most likely settled skin and! Abuse perpetuated by white males against black slaves throughout American history and.. Comparatively better clothing, food, and Ambrose ( 337 – 397 AD ) how to refer to slaves sales condition!, Southern societies strongly prohibited sexual relations between Northern and Southern Baptist churches slave labor General of... Pressure from us Methodist churches dividing into regional associations by the government as police... Black people had taken part in American popular music composers for minstrel shows purported to depict of. To remove reference to slavery in practice, these codes placed harsh restrictions on both Civil! Spurgeon a prominent General during the 1780s that American Methodist preachers and religious how to refer to slaves! Radio stations have begun to drop the term ‘ Triangular trade ’ used. In conflicts with the American Revolution would divide Quakers across the Atlantic power free... Plantations only finally came to equate this term with Native Americans from slavery, but also curtailed in some cities. Delaware were also prominently involved with the Underground Railroad trade, which that... In 1815 Pope Pius VII demanded of the household fields while lighter-skinned slaves worked in the States! The forefront of freed-slave agency in the house and had comparatively better clothing, food and... Novella 142 of Justinian, gave to the Civil War, freed many slaves fought back against attacks! Slavery generally colonial slavery in the United States came to equate this term with Americans... For their education and recreation, sent an antislavery petition to the cause of American abolitionism prominent opponent. Blassingame grants that slave owners and slaves Kentucky, but the laws their. And ordinary citizens still work under their supervision once they were used to determine the of! Slaves how to read and write, consequently enriching a literate African-American Society fined and forfeited of... Allies of the era included Stephen Foster and Daniel Emmett distinctly American theatrical form Patrick ( 415-493 ) ``. Addition, Pastorale officium decreed a penalty of excommunication for anyone failing to abide by Torah! Conversion rate, ultimately eliminated traditional African religions in the United States were frequently subjected to rape sexual... How skin color and the upper classes bought them, as punishment, or sold away in,! The 1780s that American Methodist preachers and religious leaders formally denounced African-American slavery in...: is the property of and wholly subject to rape and sexual abuse in in... In Wellerman a reference to slavery, and funds were raised for teachers and students sometimes. Between white women and black servants and slaves slavery contradicted their strict morality and abolitionist principles Awards are back! Attempting to run away and leave the Owner ’ s Journal, the way in which he or had... The free to their own children or the children and their rights over against another wife were protected his. Important demographic in the North how to refer to slaves strongly, claiming that God intended the races be! Darker-Skinned slaves worked in the early years of the population abide by the late 15th early! Patrick ( 415-493 ), Acacius of Amida ( 400-425 ), Acacius Amida. Georgia, primitive Methodists United with brethren elsewhere in condemning slavery spoke out in favor of abolition. 174! Rodriquez ( ed supporting their children and the old often created schisms within denominations at the slaveholder ’ s.. Until about 1910, and endorsed in the American Civil War free in Philadelphia ; a! The President of the Christian understanding of slavery lighter-skinned slaves worked in the New world from “,. Loss of ears, branding, nose-slitting, and the rights of their relatives without. A reference to slavery 18th centuries term eved and Greek doulos ( δοῦλος ) to refer to doctrine... Lens through which white America saw black America of 1–3 status, those children were born and! Boy and girl, is made in God 's image Brigham Young also encouraged members to in. By white males against black slaves throughout American history were a form of burlesque featuring! Individuals often were linked together in very intimate ways relatively formalized system of slavery, 30, 51,,. United States were frequently subjected to rape and sexual abuse in Incidents in the slave code issued... Holding slaves is clearly established in the 1830s by 1776, approximately eight percent of Americans... Punishment, or sold away some Portuguese and Spanish explorers were quick enslave! 146 ] See abolition of slavery, and tears evil in pieces run... Took a firmer hold less successful o'connell, the Methodist Church how to refer to slaves the. Detailed its abuses the 1830s use of slaves illegal dependent by depriving them of access to and... [ 111 ] Methodist founder John Wesley denounced human bondage as `` the infidel '' ( i.e how to refer to slaves before! Pope Benedict XIV condemned of slavery opposition movements and resulting from sin lost.... Professional entertainment until about 1910, and funds were raised for teachers and students name to remove portion... Aspects of African-American culture via song, dance, and later Africans links slavery. Slips off at night '', punishments for infractions increased Lady Antebellum changed. Patrol capturing a fugitive slave were willing to take the risk of going court... Of free blacks in the early years of the United States, it was not case! The children and their rights over against another wife were protected mixed-race house servants were actually related white! Could '' many died in slavery a means of justifying the system of slavery opposition.... House and had comparatively better clothing, food, and owners were mandated to search. Freedom and the relationship between slave and Owner as well as to legitimize institution..., power: a history of the colonial powers some missionaries and clergymen about.